by Cody Dillon (Author)

Sully Mills is a Marine with few friends and family in his hometown of Mirage, Arizona, when he is recruited to be a covert operative for a government agency. With an assignment that involves years of training, aliases, and an erased identity, Sully knows the road ahead will be full of challenges. But as his new career leads him to a professional partner with a similar dark past, Sully has no idea that he is about to be tested in ways he never imagined.

Sully and Zoe Millstad are the most promising government assassins the department has ever seen. As their assignments send them on dangerous missions around the world, Sully and Zoe develop into a fantastic team both on and off the field. But when an assignment goes horribly wrong, Sully is thrust in the midst of a clouded mystery where he cannot trust anyone. As his heart turns as cold as his killer instincts, only time will tell if Sully will find the answers he so desperately needs.

In this gripping adventure, a government assassin is led down a path lined with danger, death, and love to the truth and a deal with the devil.

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Publication Date
December 05, 2014
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