Strategic Leadership and Strategic Management

by Shand Stringham (Author)

Leaders and managers face tremendous pressure to keep their organizations moving forward successfully. It can seem like an impossible task amid economic uncertainty and hyper-competition.

The roles of leader and manager tug us in opposite directions: managers seek stability and predictability, and leaders usually opt for turbulence and change. With so many companies asking their best employees to be both leaders and managers, its no wonder that so much of the business world is dysfunctional.

This guidebook explains how leader-managers workand how to succeed in both roles. You can learn how to

leverage competing requirements for leading and managing change;

formulate effective operational and developmental strategies;

make decisions that address complex challenges and opportunities; and

help people through the anxiety and trauma of change.

Whether you are a student seeking to understand the workplace, an employee rising up the ranks or an active leader or manager, Strategic Leadership and Strategic Management provides you with tools and knowledge to help your organization succeed.

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December 12, 2012
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