Black Heart Revenge

by Kristy Morgan (Author)

As Jordan Buckleys plane lands in South Carolina, she wishes she could be excited about something. With her past still defining her life and deciding the course of her future, Jordan knows it will not be easy. Tortured as a youth by her demented father and depraved brother, Jordan has returned home to confront her demonsand rescue Erica, her sister-in-law, and Penny, her niece, from the claws of her evil brother.

Jordans brother wants exactly what her deceased father once wantedto be in control. Determined to save Erica and Penny from their anguished existence, Jordan comes face-to-face with Black Heart Revenge, an undercover organization designed to use the anger of tortured souls to bring justice for the victims of the outlaw members of society. They intend for her become a killing machine in order to become their next agent. As Jordan plummets into the demonic depths of her black soul in search of revenge, she soon learns there is a fine line between vigilante justice and cold-blooded murder.

In this gripping thriller, as a woman embarks on an unexpected journey through vengeance and religious salvation, there is only one brave enough to try to stop the demon from claiming what is left of her dark, tortured heart.

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Publication Date
January 08, 2013
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