by Ira Presslaff (Author)

Ira Presslaffs Thoughts: Eighty and Still Learning presents a memoir by a strong-minded eighty-year-old man living with his dog, Rocky, in a small apartment on the east side of Indianapolis. He wonders how it got this way and how he got there.

Writing in a conversational style, Presslaff speaks to those who have had a good marriage gone bad and to those who were the bad kids in the back of the classroom but learned to overcome their problems. He talks about his love for and marriage to his former wife, Mimsie Price Presslaff; they had twenty-three very good years before it all went south. Presslaff also unflinchingly describes his efforts to discover why his children choose to have no contact with him. He describes love and comfort he takes from his dog and other animals. In many ways, they have been and are his best friends.

Presslaff has no desire that you agree with him concerning many of his ideas and opinions; he offers them as topics to ponder as you go through your day. His memoir represents his own perspective on what he has learned in his wide range of experiences over the course of eighty years.

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December 13, 2013
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