Jasper’S Journey

by Brenda Bouyer-Windley (Author), Ramona Bouyer (Author)

For the past fifteen years, James Jasper Jenkins has been the toast of Broadway. But lately, Jasper has been gradually transforming into a man who loves alcohol more than his family. Now as he wanders the streets of New Yorkhungry, cold, and pennilessJasper suddenly realizes that his once enviable life has disintegrated before his eyes.

Jasper once loved his craft, his family, and captivating audiences with his song-and-dance routine at the Leland Liebert Theatre. After he abandons his family and attempts to survive on the street, he discovers that no one recognizes himor even cares that he was once a well-known entertainer. After his loneliness prompts him to make friends with others who are homeless, they soon expose him to dangerous situations that leave Jasper begging God for another chance.

In this drama, a man down on his luck must swallow his pride and do everything in his power to reconcile his past before he can find his way back to the life he once loved.

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Publication date
August 27, 2012
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