Sara Came Back

Austin Edmund cant sleep. Hes haunted by nightmares of a man in a dark hat and a little girl, calling him home. His daughter refers to the dark figure in his dreams as the boogeyman, and shes seen the little girl, too. Austin wonders how that could be possibleare people capable of sharing the same dream?but hes distracted when he receives an invite to head home to Alabama to help his parents fix up the old family cabin.

Austin takes his wife, Paige, and their daughter, Beth Ann, back home to Decatur, where they get the chance to rekindle their connection to Austins parents, Floyd and Opal. Plus, with Austins experience as an architect and Paiges as a remodeler, the log cabin will soon be livable again. Austin is excited at the prospect, and he scoffs at the silly idea that the cabin is haunted. After all, ghosts arent real.

Beth Ann is visited by the young girl from Austins dreams. Her name is Sara, and she travels with a dog named Maya. The Edmunds soon realize that Sara isnt a playmate; shes a restless ghost, and shes struggling to protect them from a vengeful character known as Judas. Judas preys on dreams, and he wreaks havoc in their minds. Soon, the line between dream and reality becomes blurred, and Sara is the Edmunds only hope of staying alive and staying sane.

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April 26, 2012
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