Love Goes On

by Crystal Britton (Author)

When Sara walks in on the love of her life in bed with another girl, she swears to herself that shell never be hurt again. But not long after she picks up the pieces of her broken heart, she meets Rick and Kadentwo young, handsome men who both seem interested in her.

Although Sara is determined to keep her promise to herself, she soon finds herself torn between them. Both Rick and Kaden seem equally amazing, and she knows that she could be happy with either one. Saras decision becomes much easier when her best friend, Anna Marie, admits her growing feelings for Rick.

As she and Kaden fall head over heels for one another, Sara realizes that no one can make her happier. The only problem is that Kaden has a secretone that will change Saras life as she knows it. Will their love be strong enough to overcome Kadens news?

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Publication date
July 03, 2012
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