Free to Be Sexually Safe

by Anjella E. Skerritt (Author)

Humans are innately sexual beings, so why do we have such a hard time talking about sex?

We must shift our attitudes surrounding sexuality and sexual safety toward empowerment to make decisions and take action to ensure sexual safety of individuals, families and communities. Author Anjella Skerritt, a registered nurse, midwife, and family nurse practitioner who has worked extensively in sexual and reproductive health, offers this guide to help start the discussion.

Parents are reluctant to talk honestly and openly about sex with their children; sexually active adults are reluctant to communicate honestly about their sexual history; and teens and adolescents pay the price imposed by this pervasive culture of shame, anxiety, and secrecy. Its time to peel away the embarrassment and start a new conversation.

By learning to talk honestly and openly about sex, you gain power over your life as a sexual being, and you give power to your childrens future sexual safety and happiness. Sex and sexuality are intensely private matters, but there shouldnt be secrets between lovers, and there shouldnt be shame when a parent discusses sex with his or her children.

Information is power; in Free to Be Sexually Safe, youll find the tools to start conversations about anatomy, safety, myths and taboos, urban legends, religion, and more. Sex is a natural, healthy part of life. By accepting the challenge to change the way you think and talk about sex, by taking full responsibility for your decisions and actions, and by extending respect toand expecting respect fromyour partners, you can change or save lives.

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September 20, 2012
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