by Beate Korchak (Author)

From mystical science fiction to romance and philosophy, the fifteen short stories presented in JOTS: Just Our Thoughts by author Beate Korchak present an eclectic offering.

In this varied collection, accompanied by illustrations, some of the tales possess emotional power, such as Lady of Stone in which a woman frozen by grief is brought back to life by a little girls tenderness. Others, such as the wrenching family narrative, Survivor: A Glimpse into a Life, presents a portrait of an immigrant who rose above his cruel circumstances. Be Careful What You Wish For delves into the world of science fiction as Catherine, on a whim, seeks the advice of a physic and the answers may not be what she is looking for.

Drawing from a diverse range of topics and genres, the stories delivered in JOTS explore depression and grief, present family memories, and examine love and morals.

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Publication Date
October 15, 2012
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