Smart Business Planning

de Whitlow G. Elzner (Auteur)

Smart Business Planning is packed with fifteen chapters of knowledge that can make Smart Business Planning from jail or prison to being a respected business owner painless. You are guided step by step from your idea of owning any type of business you select to having it in operation making you money.
You are shown how you can own a business using your cash and credit, or, if you dont have any cash and your credit is terrible, no problem. You will be shown how to use cash or credit from a member of your family, a friend, or a total stranger. That is correct, a total stranger!
Why would you want a job, making someone else rich, while they look down at you as a convicted felon? Also, your fellow workers will be looking down at you and asking you questions about your past.
Smart Business Planning can show you how to keep any of this from ever happening.
You are not only guided through all of the steps to finance, start up and operate your business, but you will also be given a lot of other valuable information which will include how to turn your bad credit into good credit, get established with a bank for your business and personal, plus get all of the credit you want. The list goes on, including getting a pocket full of credit cards guaranteed. So now is the time to read every word of Smart Business Planning to get this valuable information.

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22 août 2012
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