Anatomy of a Cheater

by Hurchel Williams (Author)

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a man? What if you had a guide to walk you through the progression of manhood from being a child, to adolescence and eventual entry into adulthood? Anatomy of a Cheater is the detail understanding of what makes a man attempt to divide his love and affection with more than just one love interest. The approach used by first time author and Life Coach Hurchel Williams, MBA is a comprehensive look at his own life through understanding and trial versus error. This peek into a man's mind offers women an exclusive, behind the scenes walk through Hurchel's research and discovery of why his indiscretions lead to a life altering, watershed event that changed his approach forever!

Anatomy of a Cheater is a 3 book trilogy that will expand your thoughts and perception into the background of a normal adult with a "no hidden secrets" approach. Hurchel opened his intriguing life for everyone to see "WHY" men feel the need to spread themselves around in an effort to please themselves at the detriment of innocent, unsuspecting women! This direction has never before been attempted with key point drawn upon to break down the intrigue and mystery into what leads a man on a sexual journey of lies, deception and deep seated lust for a desired feeling. Do yourself a favor and not only read this book, but understand the purpose of each novel in this series. It tugs at your sexual heart and says unequivocally, "everyone has change inside them!"

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Publication Date
August 30, 2012
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