Are You Who You Want 2 Be?

by Shakeera V. Forrest (Author)

My ultimate goal for readers is to gain knowledge on how to seek God to find out what your assignment is. I challenge you, as you read this book to have an open heart and optimistic mindset so you can reach inside, pull out your junk, display it, and deal with it! This book examines my journey growing up without parents and how I applied techniques to become successful. Life was not a crystal stare for me but I made the best of it and will continue until I ascend Somewhere Over the Rainbow!
We all have different opinions on where the spirit goes after death. What lies beyond what our human eye can see remains a mystery. We all have our perspective on death and the process thereafter. Who is right? No one can shed light on this, except God. Whatever religions you believe in, at the end of the day we all are human and are all destined to be great. Are we living a pleasing life and what legacy are we leaving to the next generation?
Trust in your gut and grab hold of what life actually means. Live your life as a representation of peace. Remain calm during the storms because the sun will shine on you again. Become the person who you want to be and do not let circumstances or others dictate what your passion is. Are You Who You Want to Be?

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Publication Date
January 31, 2013
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