Can I Be Frank?

by Frank McCabe (Author)

Can I Be Frank?: An Auto-BLOG-raphy is the debut book by Frank McCabe. Frank takes us along on his curious journey as a stay at home Dad. You will enjoy his charm, humor and wit as you are entertained by the oddities that capture Franks interest. Inside you will find chapters about such hard-hitting topics as...

Being Tom Brady's Hair: yes, Frank actually simulated what a day in the life of our favorite New England Patriot's coif would be like.

Kindergarten Casanova: a page-turning tale of how Frank plots revenge on the boy who has taken a liking to his 6 year old daughter.

Panic Attacks!: this chapter narrates the near death (and by 'near death' Frank means NO WHERE near death) experience he suffered during an anxiety episode.

And of course, the multi-entry series, 'The Unemployment Chronicles' where Frank describes the insane and uncharacteristic behaviors of the father of three suddenly out of a job.

Enjoy Franks tales of sheer horror of being home with the kids all day and his apparent inability to keep a pet fish alive. This highly entertaining book will be enjoyable to both moms and dads alike.

Book Details

Publication Date
November 15, 2012
Page count