Holidays and Rituals of Jews and Christians

If you want to know the heart and soul of a religion, learn of its holidays. Holidays were originally holy days, the days set apart for to focus entirely on religious events and considerations. In this book, Dr. Sidhu puts his years of study and research to use providing both the followers of these religions, and those who stand outside these faiths, with a look into the heart of Judaism and Christianity through their holidays, rituals and customs. Providing both the religious and the secular roots of these two kindred religions, he guides the reader through the history and evolving importance of holidays and rituals in the lives of believers, and the world as a whole, as the originally unique practices of faith have been adopted and transformed for secular purposes. Business, national holidays, regional celebrations and festivals, all have taken Jewish and Christian times of worship and turned into something quite different. In turn, Christianity and Judaism themselves have been transformed by adapting religious practice to make use of their followers evolving cultural inclinations.

This is a fascinating, informative, and entertaining explanation of what sets Judaism and Christianity apart in the religions and history of the world. There is information and food for thought for a devoted follower of these religions, as well as for those who stand outside these faiths and desire to understand them better.

Dr. Lee A. Brewer Ph.D
Glenmont United Methodist Church
Silver Spring Maryland 20906

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February 05, 2013
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