by Richard C. Kumengisa (Author)

1. ZOW is about mysticism, feminine enpowerment before the advent of feminism, traditional feasts and the failure of a betrothal that had been destined to fail.
2. MATI WUN is about a fight between an Ibo man and a Nso man in the last days of colonialism in Cameroon. Ngong Wirkikais personal pride and his standing as a man from Nso are at stake. He had to win the fight to maintain it.
3. THE WITCHDOCTOR: Cameroonians more than enjoy themselves at parties and will do everything to attend one. This exaggeration is often paid for dearly and the witchdoctor is often a part of the payment. The narrator had scorned witchdoctors until circumstances made one more than help him out of an ailment and gave him interesting business to do. He mentions the business in his meeting with the witchdoctor but leaves the business itself for later.

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May 09, 2012
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