The Rope

by Steven Wesley Land (Author)

Thomas was a twelve-year-old, fatherless boy with a wet bed. He learned that the other kids didnt care about the truth, only about the bigger and better rumor. But Thomas cared about the truth; that is, he wanted to know what the truth was. Did he have an adventure, both defeating an evil enemy and learning valuable lessons of life and faith, or was it all a wild dream induced by the drugs the doctor had pumped into his body to keep him alive? Of course, nobody else could solve this dilemma for Thomas. If he tried to explain it, people would tell him he was crazy, or they would accuse him of lying to get attention. The problem was Thomass to solve. If God is a father of the fatherless, why does Thomas feel he needs the rope?

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Publication Date
March 07, 2012
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