Dropping Clues from the Sky

by Harry Vallejo (Author)

A groundbreaking hypothesis. Alien messengers are among us. They have been on this planet

throughout human history. Whoever these messengers are, in a very subtle way they're trying to guide

us to venture out into space and find a second home. The clues they have left us seem to indicate that

they know much to well that not all of us would trust them. There would be many of us that would

speculate about their true intentions. They have left us instructions on how to build a spacecraft by

way of clues. We have the technology, all we have to do is use our existing technology in a different

way. As we move forward with this idea we will find ourselves evolving technologically . We are in

great need of free energy and transportation that goes beyond what we have today. They seem to be

saying in a roundabout way it's time for the human race to step out of the cradle

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September 07, 2011
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