Be Still

by Tania L. Ramos (Author)

World-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Jack Silver has been through hell and back. After he and his wife, Shannon, lose their daughter when she is just three days old, their family is left shattered. The e?ects of the tragedy are devastating. Shannon with-draws from the family while harboring a dark secret. Jack emotionally abandons his wife and surviving teenage son, Travis, and dives into his work. But years later, on the exact anniversary of her daughters death, Shannon is killed by a speeding motorist under peculiar circumstances. As he grieves next to his wifes lifeless body, Jack makes the fateful decision to lock away his faith and hope forever.

In a futile attempt to preserve his wifes memory, Jack hides the bleak facts of Shannons death from Travis. As more time passes, the already-strained relation-ship between father and son becomes estranged. Desperate to alleviate his loneliness, Jack befriends the young and witty Dr. Christina Amitywhile hiding troubling symptoms that seem to increase by the day. But when Jack receives a shocking diagnosis from Dr. Amity, everything changes.

Be Still is the poignant tale of a son seeking truth and resolution from an absent father and of a father, trapped between life and death, who must mend relationships and confront his own demonsbefore time seals all wounds for an eternity.

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May 09, 2012
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