Deadly Deceptions

Matt Radowski, a bright, young doctor, is on the fast career track at GenWorld Inc., the most successful biotechnology company in the world. His curiosity and intuition have served him well, and hes someone to watch.

But now that curiosity has uncovered a dark secret, and Matt is about to come face-to-face with powerful enemies who will stop at nothing to protect their investment. Quite by chance, hes discovered that someone has manipulated the registration data for the companys new blockbuster drug, Septicustat, and these changes make the drug appear to be much more than it is. His life changes in ways he could never have imagined as he considers the implications of that information. Matt must now make a decision that could endanger his reputation, his careerand even his life.

How far will these influential investors go to keep his discovery buried? And how far will this brave, young doctor go to ensure that the truth is known?

Deadly Deceptions takes the reader inside the fascinating world of drug development, biotechnology, science, and big money.

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November 12, 2012
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