by Eric Nierstedt (Author)

When Joe Hashimotos life was ripped away from him in a brutal explosion, it was just the beginning of his adventure.

Six years after being reborn as Lightrider, leader of the Elemental Knights, the half-human, half animal keepers of balance, Joe has found his peace with his new life. That sense of purpose is challenged when a new threat arises when the Equites, dangerous talismans sealed away by good and evil, are threatened. To save the world from destruction, the knights must protect the earthbound Equites at any cost. But Joes focus is threatened by strange dreams that pull into an unknown past. And the Knights find themselves divided, with new allies and foes, while a mortal girl begins to enter their world.

And though it all, the Chaos Demons watch and wait

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Publication Date
January 07, 2015
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