Academic Tales

by Elliott M. Abramson (Author)

Life in the academy is the stuff of legends, dreams, rumors, and the occasional scandal, whether the school itself is ivy-clad or not.

With a knowing wink to the sometimes-stuffy reality of the academic world, Elliott M. Abramson invites readers into a fictional universe inspired by his long career as a professor of law. He tells colorful stories about how life really is in academia and introduces readers to situations and people ranging from the banal to otherwise. Written to honor, inspire, and amuse both teachers and students alike, these are glimpses into a different kind of life. At the core is a look into the complicated relationships shared by educators and their studentsand how each learns from and teaches the other.

Among the many lessons learned on both sides are the things one might expect in the world of higher educationpolitics, drama, and moreas well as a few unexpected revelations along the way. Abramsons stories celebrate the adventures of life, as young people discover who they are, and as old teachers do their best to shape their young charges.

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Publication Date
March 30, 2012
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