by Jason Paulino (Author)

When an unlikely purple object appears
suddenly in the sky above the earth, suspicions immediately arise in the human population. People worldwide come to realize that our planet has visitors from another planetalthough whether they are friend or foe is unclear at first.

With no warning, cyborg robots descend upon Earth, and it becomes apparent these visitors are not here to make peace. First, they shut down Earths electrical grid and put themselves into power. Next, their real mission begins: the abduction of sixteen-year-old boys, for reasons unknown. Among them are three special young men.

Mike, Charlie, and Leo are each different in their own ways, but they are three of the chosen, removed from Earth. With their captors, they travel to a new purple planet. They leave behind the families and friends they love and are forced into a new life of mystery and fear. What do the cyborgs really want, and will humanity survive the disaster of loss?

2012 NexTV Writing Competition Winner. Jason Paulino

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Publication Date
March 31, 2015
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