Jump-Start Your Canine Care

by V. Nunley (Author)

You must have commitment, unconditional love, and loyalty when taking the leap to canine adoption. When you adopt an animal, you become their sole provider. In Jump-Start Your Canine Care, author V. Nunley provides a guide to help dog lovers move in a more liberal and positive direction in regard to companion animals treatment and care.

Focusing on a shift from mere pet ownership to companionship and guardianship, Nunley explores the many issues involved in the long-term care and protection of your canine companion. Jump-Start Your Canine Care offers advice in many subject areas to include:

deciding whether or not to adopt a dog;
choosing between a shelter or a store;
selecting the right companion animal;
considering doggie daycare or a boarding kennel;
picking a groomer;
understanding preventive measures;
handling holidays, traveling, and neighbors;
making contingency plans;
hound-proofi ng your home.

Bringing a loyal canine companion into your home is a life-altering move, but its also one thatwith careful preparation, planning, and trainingprovides many joys and rewards. Never compromise on companion care

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Publication Date
October 28, 2011
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