The Dream Warrior Chronicles Book 1

by Emerald Fox (Author)

Llana Love is about to find out that her dream visions are actual events that
propel her into varying parallel universes and to become something she only
thought existed in her dreams and on the Space Channel.
After her husbands death she is faced with realizing that reality is never what
it seems, it has all been a pre-requisite to become what the universes need, the
Dream Warrior. As the Dream Warrior, Llana is thrown into an exciting new
existence with superhuman abilities and strength beyond comparison but the 3
Devil War Lord Brothers each want her as their own. It will be up to Llana and her
UNIT to take them down, but it wont be without a fi ght, hardship, and casualties.
Love struggles between human and non-human; will she choose the right one?

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Publication date
August 25, 2011
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