Strong Sons: the Tunnel Journey

Strong Sons: The Tunnel Journey will simplify the process for young men becoming the strong sons that God intends them to be, as well as redeem those who have fallen short of God's purpose for salvation. The foundation of this book is scripturally based and will shape our young men for a better future. Since Adam, our society has progressively become more liberated and disapproving of sanctified living. The few who choose to take a stand for God are labeled as "weird" or "odd" and it is even more challenging if you are a young man who has abstained from sexual gratification until marital bonds are sewed. Regrettably, virginity has taken on a whole different interpretation yet paradoxically, it is a man's greatest gift to his wife. God expects chastity so when young men become change agents for their peers, for society, and for God, it is pleasing. Ultimately, young men driven by purpose and moral passion will optimize their social and spiritual goals but they will also subdue the unseemly impulses that have come to dominate the human psyche. Finding purpose and associating with like-minded persons, will be powerful factors in reinforcing desirable conduct and negating the risk of unhealthy living standards. The role of men in society is huge. Not only are they the backbone of society or breadwinners, but they are leaders who must lead with conviction and purpose. They must stand when no one else will. What defines you? What are you known as? If you asked your friend or a church member to describe your character what would they say? Would you walk away feeling melancholic or gleeful? No logical person would deny that character counts and how we are perceived through other people's eyes are important. That's all good and fine but the real question one must ask is "What does God think of me?"

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February 03, 2012
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