Footprints in the Snow

by Mike Upton (Author)

FOOTSTEPS IN THE SNOW explores the concept of whether Ghosts really do exist? The four stories are all quite different but each deals with the apparent physical manifestation of a being from 'another place'. Ghosts? Maybe?

* Jeff is out walking his dog in the snow through some woods when he meets a young girl. Who is she? Why is she there?

* Russell takes a career break from his job to write a book but he meets Alice and after a passionate affair their final meeting is bizarre.

* Matt and Sarah have renovated an old cottage to create their dream home and all is well until one day out riding he meets a strange man by an old oak tree.

* Greg enrols at a Business Management College to attend a four week programme but he soon finds all is not as it seems in the old house.

So do ghosts exist and if so can you talk to them? Can they talk to you? Of course I don't know the answer and I doubt whether anyone does, or ever will - but I definitely wouldn't say that they don't exist!

So read (and hopefully enjoy) the four stories in this book and then perhaps it will help you to make up your own mind on this interesting question of whether ghosts really exist? And if you get goosebumps or your hair stands on end as you come to the end of each of the tales, well then maybe you might just believe that ghosts do exist. After all you never know do you - they might!!

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Publication Date
August 18, 2010
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