Persephone's Blade

by James T. Palmer (Author)

A PATTERN OF VIOLENT SUICIDES ACROSS THE GLOBE shakes the scientific community. Can the deaths be connected to a secretive biotechnology company dedicated to solving the problem of global warming? In pursuit of answers, XUSA biochemist and bereaved widower Dr. Marcus Black learns a beautiful, vicious killer will eliminate any man, woman, or child to hide the truth, including the only living person who can help, a convicted murderer with a shocking connection to his late wife. Rushing to help prevent a genocidal catastrophe unfolding in the Australian Outback, Marcus discovers a horrifying revelation about his wife, his friends, and himself. In one final twist, the fate of the elusive killer is sealed, but will Marcus and his XUSA colleagues be in time to save humanity itself?

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Publication Date
December 21, 2010
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