Me and My Dad

Every Boy Needs a Dad

The author has stepped into his own past to reflect upon how a youthful mind begins wondering about life. Who can a son turn to? Dad...who is put on the spot and finds his authority challenged by thoughts and expressions of his son's closest friend and his father, and he has to grapple with conflict when their influence clashes with Dad's perceptions and views. The young boy's observations are imbedded into his subconscious and begins to form him as a unique person.

Award-winning poet Robert Russell Marquardt takes another provocative step into your world in this delightful and amusing dialogue between a father and his young son, complimenting his other newly-released book: it's me... Rodney, a bold attempt at overhearing daily conversations between a brash but genuine young man and God. You will enjoy these digressions from the author's poetic form in his previously-published works from Authorhouse.

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March 14, 2006
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