Ruled by Destiny

by Linda M. Newton (Author)

Selena and Katie are friends as well as cousins. Which girl will find eternal love while the other finds eternal peace? The adventures of the two will have you turning pages quickly to see what happens next. Enter into a world of laughter, mystery, tears, and faith.

Selena had a different idea. She grabbed Katie by her hand, and they headed out the back door. "Come on, Katie. Let's see what is going on!"
"Selena, are you crazy? I know you do crazy things, but we don't know who is out there."
Against her better judgment, Katie headed out the back door to follow Selena, and they crouched low going around the front corner of the store. Tied to the post was Spirit, who was pulling hard to get free. He looked white-eyed and nervous with all the commotion going on.
I don't think it's a good idea to be out here," Katie said.
"Well go back in. I'm going to get Spirit before a stray bullet hits him."
Yanking on Selena's arm, Katie looked right in the eyes, "You are going to get yourself shot. Your pa will tan your hide if you go out there."
It didn't stop Selena. She shook Katie's hand off and crouched down, creeping toward her horse.
Katie looked at her, making the sign of the cross, and took a step out. But then she heard a gunshot and retreated back to safety.

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Publication Date
August 02, 2011
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