Views from the Back Forty

by James P. Jackson (Author)

"Views From the Back forty" is the author's first person story aboutrural life on what had once been the back forty acreage of a family farm. When the author and his wife purchased the land, partly for benefit of two growing sons, it gave the impression of being worn-out acreage. But after 30 years of living there and experiencing its inherent values, the authorfoundit to be much more: a trove of geology and natural history, a repository of human history, and one family's revelationsabout the enduring qualities of being home on America's rural landscape.

After a short introduction, this booktakes the reader through23 chapters that comprise 15% personal memoir, 15% regional history, plus 70% natural historyand ecology that extend well beyond the back forty's geographical location in east-central Missouri.

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Publication Date
October 05, 2007