The Embrace of the Father

by Johnnie Mae McCall (Author)

Are You Ready To Be Embraced?

Hands are extended, what will you do, will you reach for the grasp? Do you long to be touched? Mankind longs to be touched! His existence began with hands that so gently sculpted his very being. Those hands molded mankind into the image of He who created all things. Unwittingly, mankind wanders off from the Fathers embrace into the darkness, becoming lost, alone and aching for the safety and comfort he once knew. Have you ever felt the desire of arms to embrace you and bring comfort to your soul?

Just as the literal birth canal is dark and disorienting so too are some of lifes challenges. Know that in the darkest hour, when life as one knows it suddenly shifts, the Fathers arms are there, like a doctor at an impending birth, ready to catch and comfort each of us upon our emergence whether it is from dark nights, one or many dark encounters or a dark past. Guided by the Creator, Momma Braxton and Martha Mae develop from a divine conception and spiritual gestation in the womb to a thriving infancy and adulthood in Christianity. Take a journey down the birth canal with the author, experience the complications, and witness as each contraction pushes both Momma Braxton and Martha Mae closer to the waiting hands of the Fathers embrace.

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Publication Date
January 02, 2008