Listen: Healthy Person Talking

by Frederick Mickel Huck (Author)

My goal in writing this book has been to illustrate on how easy it is to become healthy, not just for some but for everyone. I have found during my research that most people think that they are healthy but in actuality are not healthy at all. They are heading for a life of pain and suffering, and costs that few people can afford. Just because a person does not feel bad at the time does not mean he is healthy. I have found that many people have a genuine concern and interest in being healthy, but only eat healthy foods sometimes, and exercise only sometimes. Good health is not a sometime activity, it is full time activity. In all of the eight books that I have published to date, I have included many recipes on the right kinds of foods that are the most important factor for good health. All of my recipes are delicious and filling. Restaurants should be avoided if at all possible; even if you are traveling, because good healthy can not be achieved by eating any restaurant food. Good health by eating proper foods, produces a great number of benefits including food costs. Good food can cost as much as eighty percent less than junk food. Preparing meals ahead of time can actually create more free time. Controlling your meals makes it easier to accomplish your health goals, rather than maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle.

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September 01, 2015
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