Bedtime Thoughts for the Christian Mom

by Kimberly Wright (Author)

Do you fall into bed each night worrying how many mistakes you made with your child that day? Do you ever wonder if you are the only mother in the world who feels this way? Rest assured: you are not alone!

Bedtime Thoughts for the Christian Mom offers the support and encouragement that every mother needs. Each nights devotional will remind you that you are not alonethat while the days can be challenging, a mother is encouraged to stretch and grow under Gods gentle hand, with his loving guidance.

Bedtime Thoughts for the Christian Mom contains many entertaining and uplifting stories, as well as creative ideas that can be used at home. Each devotional offers a scripture to use for meditation and nurturing spiritual growth, while the daily challenge provides something fun and exciting to add to your already-too-long to-do list. But these challengessuch as looking in a mirror and saying each day Thank you Lord for making me beautiful inside and outwill warm the heart and encourage even the most harried mother!

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February 09, 2011
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