Sticky Goes Camping

Sticky Goes Camping is the second book of the Sticky series. In the first book. Oh Why Do I Have to Be So Sticky?, readers learned how five-year-old Doris Jean Grabowski became sticky and the problems it creates for her. In this adventure, Sticky is now seven years old and is still sticky. She and her Brownie troop from Hillsdale go on their first camping trip in the mountains. Everything is fine until they learn that the Brownies from Ridgemont will be joining them. The girls from Ridgemont are always mean to Sticky and her friends, and the last thing they want to do is spend a week with them in the woods. And to make matters worse, the Brownie Leaders have arranged for the troops to compete in three events during the trip: building a small cabin out of sticks from the woods, a scavenger hunt, and a fishing contest. See how Sticky and her friends handle their first camping trip and their big competition with the Brownies from Ridgemont!

The book ends with activities for children called the Sticky Challenges. The reader is asked to find various objects attached to Sticky throughout the pages and to answer questions about the camping adventure.

Book Details

Publication Date
July 20, 2006