The Old Rose Index

by Brent C. Dickerson (Author)

This detailed book is the useful long-awaited and efficient comprehensive index to Brent C. Dickerson's fascinating works on Old Roses. The index lists all of the roses in these internationally-known, influential works, and specifies to the reader which page in which of these books has the main or important entry on the rose in question; also indexed here are all substantive references to people, places, things, or concepts in these important works which arose from Dickerson's twenty years of careful research and close study. "The Old Rose Index" additionally includes complete and updated appendices listing roses by year and by color, several interesting articles, as well as updates to Dickerson's previous booksplus completly new entries on 29 interesting old roses not covered previously! While not for those who do not own Dickerson's other books, "The Old Rose Index" will give the reader who does own these monumental works complete mastery over the great treasury of information supplied by "The Old Rose Advisor" (second edition), "The Old Rose Adventurer", and "The Old Rose Informant", saving time and streamlining research in one's quest for information. This remarkable book is the key that unlocks that treasury!

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Publication date
October 11, 2001