The Ten-Year Career

by D. M. Lukas (Author)

The United States and the world are experiencing extraordinary economic times. The word of the day seems to be crisis. But no matter what type of economic situation exists, there is always opportunity for those who are prepared, who have the skills to succeed, and who have the power to think outside the box. In The Ten-Year Career, author D.M. Lukas provides a set of concrete principles to help you seize those available opportunities, gain wealth, and reach your goals and dreams exponentially faster.
Filled with real-life examples and anecdotes, The Ten-Year Career presents a plan to help you achieve success built around a ten-year timetable. It helps you
Determine who you are and where you are headed
Harness the true power of your mind
Set and achieve your goals faster and easier
Create financial independence
Master your time and do more with less
Learn the secrets of sales and negotiations
Understand the qualities and traits of the most wealthy, successful,
and fulfilled and how to use them in your life
Learn the 10 critical concepts for success in any arena
Become a lifelong learner
How to take action to improve your success, wealth, and personal fulfillment
Through inspiration, information, and practical how-to tips, The Ten-Year Career provides the key to becoming smarter and more competent to facilitate your climb to the next level of success.

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Publication Date
April 15, 2013
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