Glimpses of My Life

by Richard C. McCall (Author)

This book is about the defining people, events and institutions in the authors life. Although he has a PhD in physics and spent his working life in the field of physics, the book has very little to do with the technical and scientific aspects of his life. He began as a farm boy and went to a one room country school and a small town high school He did not appreciate the importance of many of these influences at the time. For example, he certainly did not think that working mules on the farm was beneficial but now he can see that he learned a lot from those aggravating beasts. His education during the years of World War II left a lot to be desired but it was good enough to prepare him for the rigors of MIT degrees in physics. It is hoped that this book will help some young people in similar situations in their efforts.

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Publication Date
January 12, 2009
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