Ocean Raton

by John Manrique (Author)

It's July 2006 and exotic dancer Terri Winston is ready to make it big. Like everyone else in the Sunshine State, she decides to hitch her wagon to the hottest money-making star in the galaxy: real estate. The problem with shooting stars, however, is they eventually come crashing down.

Soon after Terri trades in her stiletto heels for stylish pumps to sell luxury condos at Ocean Raton in Pompano Beach, it becomes apparent the market is declining. With a major finance payment looming on the horizon, Ocean Raton's delusional developer realizes more than slick ads are needed to make sales, so he calls on Terri's unique background and commissions a mercenary team of strippers to stimulate action.

The rollercoaster careens off the rails from there, weaving through the colorful characters, culture, and climate that shape South Florida's outlandish landscape. From erotic sales events to scheming socialites, here nothing is sacred on the quest for entitled riches. Or is it?

That's the question Terri faces when it all finally unravels and the last hope is a face-to-face showdown with the past. With everything on the line and the golden ring in reach, an answer is required. At what price?

Book Details

Publication Date
September 05, 2007