by Paul S. Levy (Author)

The ghost of six-year-old Alison Marie Hardy has wandered the property of southern New Mexicos wealthiest pecan farming family for decades, but it is her frequent appearances in the spooky tree tunnel near the village of Pequeno that have made the residents fearful of driving on Highway 28 at night.

Little Allison has but one missionto summon the help of terrified bystanders to help her find her father. When she steps in front of Big Joe Silvas pickup truck on a skinny stretch of highway in the dark of night, she sets into motion a chain of events that soon reveals a towns long-held secrets and raises questions as to why the only two people old enough to know the truth about Alison are remaining silent. But Alison refuses to give up as she continues to tease horrified observers and torment the pecan farming family.

The reconciliation of Alisons soul depends on the truth that she and her supporters so desperately seekthe same truth that others are so anxious to keep hidden. But before her spirit can be freed and the people of Pequeno can sleep peacefully, Alison must confront the man who betrayed her seventy years earlier.

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Publication Date
July 21, 2010
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