Notes from the Element

by Roger E. Taylor (Author)

When eighth-grade schoolteacher Roger Taylor turned forty, he decided to invest in a new set of wheels-a Honda Element, not the type of car you might expect from a man in a midlife crisis. But the car was just the catalyst for Taylor's real midlife adventure: a journey across North America and back again. In this unique portrait of a great American road trip, Taylor describes the breathtaking scenery, vivid experiences, and personal insights that framed his journey of self-discovery in the summer of 2003.

From amusing stories of teachers camping in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, to an encounter with armadillos in Texas and a never-ending hike on the Appalachian Trail, Taylor reflects on somber moments within the still, serene places of the natural world and shares fascinating historical details about some of the most memorable tourist sites on the continent. His insights will lead you to appreciate the power of nature, the beauty of North America, and the value of reconnecting with family and self.

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Publication date
August 13, 2007