Things to Make and Break

by May-Lan Tan (Author)

• Booksellers and readers have responded with great enthusiasm to our Emily Books imprint, embracing both the ethos and the individual titles, and Tan's work has all the hallmarks of what that audience has responded to in previous books: dark humor, a strong voice, and a decidedly transgressive feminist stance.
• Sceptre is publishing Things to Make and Break in the UK, giving our edition a great potential publicity runway. The previous, micro-press edition already has fans as well, so we're well situated to build review momentum.
• Tan's stories are beautifully crafted, but they also have a bitter heart—each digs into the uncomfortable wounded spots that keep us from being fully present, fully alive, fully happy.
• Short fiction, especially explicitly feminist short fiction, is enjoying something of a renaissance, and Tan's stories fit into a sweet spot between Machado's fabulism and Joy Williams's acidity.

Book Details

Publication Date
October 02, 2018