The Hospital and Clinic Improvement Handbook

by Boaz Ronen (Author), Joseph S. Pliskin (Author), Shimeon Pass (Author)

The essential healthcare guide to doing more with existing resources

The healthcare industry faces foundational challenges to how it sustains itself. As the gap between cost and revenue continues to widen, and as cost-effectiveness remains an elusive imperative, the question persists: how can healthcare organizations do more with the same resources?

The Hospital and Clinic Improvement Handbook is a practical guide to how operations management -- in particular Lean and the Theory of Constraints (TOC) -- can rapidly advance value and performance in any healthcare organization. Utilizing a systems approach that will be relevant for healthcare managers and executives, it unpacks and demystifies concepts such as performance measures, operations, quality, cost accounting, pricing, and value enhancement, all as they relate to eliminating waste and non-value-adding activities.

Enriched with dozens of examples and building on the authors' experience teaching and refining these concepts for healthcare, this text is an essential guide for executives and managers across the industry.

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Donald M. Berwick (Introduction author)
Publication date
March 20, 2018
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