Stage Matters

by Annalisa Castaldo (Editor), Rhonda Knight (Editor)

The collection, edited by Annalisa Castaldo and Rhonda Knight, features essays by scholars interested in exploring how the material culture of sixteenth and early seventeenth English theatrical culture influenced the creation and presentation of drama and how understanding this culture can enrich scholars’ current interactions with these plays as well as offer insights to actors and directors. The essays include discussions of plays by Shakespeare, Marlowe, and Middleton as well as lesser known works and playwrights. This collection is unique in that it includes the body of the actor as a material object that is encountered and manipulated by other actors on the stage. These essays demonstrate how props, bodies and the architectural dimensions of early modern stages have both practical and symbolic registers.

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Jim Casey (Collaborator), Sarah Enloe (Collaborator), Robert W. Jones (Collaborator), Catherine Loomis (Collaborator), Sarah Neville (Collaborator), Stephen Purcell (Collaborator), Sid Ray (Collaborator), Sara B. T. Thiel (Collaborator), Amanda Zoch (Collaborator)
Publication date
March 13, 2018
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