Miniature Terrariums

by Fourwords (Author)

Small home gardens are growing in popularity, and miniature terrariums are the easiest and least expensive indoor garden of all. The beautiful photos in this book show you how to add a whimsical touch of green to any space: at work, at home, in your dorm room—even in your car!

Terrarium gardening offers unlimited gardening possibilities, even when space is limited. Although terrariums have been around since Victorian times, Japanese garden design has perfected the art form with a modern and minimalist twist. The container gardening trend fits well with the small-space living concept refined in Japan and elsewhere.

This terrarium gardening book, from the green division of Japan's Actus Interiors, features step-by-step instructions to guide you through each stage of the process:

  • Choosing and Mixing soils
  • Finding unusual containers
  • Caring for plants
  • Showing off the finished product!
All the plants used in this book are easy to find, easy to grow, extremely low-maintenance, and can last for a long time. Not only does Miniature Terrariums show you how to choose plants, but how to find unique glass containers to put them in, which you can display anywhere, or give as a gift!

This practical way to garden combines the arts of landscape design, Zen gardening, and home decoration—but is manageable and accessible enough for anyone to enjoy!

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Publication Date
May 15, 2018
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