Horny Girls and Hung Dogs 10-Pack BESTIALITY Bundle Volume One

Horny Girls and Hung Dogs 10-Pack BESTIALITY Bundle Volume One

by Dame Doggy (Author)
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These girls just want to howl and they’ve found some horny dogs to make that happen.

Home Alone with a Horny Dog (01)

She has the house all to herself. Time to pull out the toys and play with the dog.

Mounted by the Dog at a Sleepover (02)

Staying the night at her friend’s place takes a turn for the deviant when a horny dog slips into bed with her.

Drugged into Giving the Dog Pussy (03)

All it took was one taste to get her hooked and now she’s begging to be mounted.

Dick Sucking Doggy Fuck Toy (04)

She’s a simple dog walker until the dog’s owner offers her money for a blowjob while his dog mounts her.

Dog Gangbang Experiment (05)

She broke into the lab to set the dogs free, but they would rather get her off instead.

Bitch for a Rich Man’s Dog (06)

For the amount her boss is paying her, she has no issues taking a job being mounted.

Bound for Her Boyfriend’s Dog (07)

Her boyfriend tied her to a bed, got his rocks off, and then left. Good thing his dog was there to satisfy her.

Getting Dog Cock in the Park (08)

The best part of taking her dog for a walk is hiding in the trees for a quickie only a few feet from being caught.

Hypnotized to Love Doggy Cock (09)

She tried it at home. Self-hypnosis is nothing to play with because now she’s horny for some sweet doggy loving.

Doing the Dog for a Car (10)

He’s a dirty old man who wants to see a sweet young thing get down and dirty with his dog in exchange for his car.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains zoophilia bestiality dog sex, gangbang, dubious consent, exhibitionism, voyeurism, hidden camera, hypnosis, prostitution, bribery, oral sex, anal sex, bondage, domination, public sex, sex toys, and bareback creampie.

Publication date
January 09, 2018
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