Mounted by Halloween Hounds 6-Pack Bundle

Mounted by Halloween Hounds 6-Pack Bundle

by Dame Doggy (Author)
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It’s Halloween and these girls have run across some enchanted hounds who are very horny.

Hellhounds’ Bitch: Debt Collection Gangbang

She defaulted on her payment to a demon and now his hellhounds want satisfaction.

Burying the Ghost Dog’s Bone

To help her dog’s ghost pass on, she has to give him all the sex he wants.

Invisible Guard Dogs Gangbang Thief

She thought his security was crap until she met his invisible guard dogs and became their new sex toy.

Dominated by a Horny WereDog

Her dog transformed into a hunky weredog who dominates her in bed.

Turned into a Bitch for Boyfriend’s Dog

When he said puppy play, she didn’t expect him to turn her into an actual bitch for his dog to mount.

Forced to Obey by Her Doggy Dom

An enchanted collar is making her obey her dog’s every sexual desire.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains zoophilia bestiality dog sex, paranormal, gangbang, unprotected creampie breeding sex, double penetration, oral sex, dubious consent, mind control, sex toys, bareback, masturbation, public sex outdoors, bondage, and domination.

Publication date
January 09, 2018
File size
485 KB

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