Policing and Race in America

by James D. Ward (Editor)

This edited collection explores policing in America in regards to minority groups. The essays discuss how the relationship between police and minority groups affects politics, the economy, and minority groups’ daily lives and success. The contributors explore the Black Lives Matter movement, the Detroit, Los Angeles, and Atlanta Police Departments, immigration, incarceration, community policing, police violence, and detail causes, theories, and solutions to this important phenomenon.

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Domonic Bearfield (Collaborator), James D. Ward (Collaborator), Robert Maranto (Collaborator), Ian Kingsbury (Collaborator), John Eterno (Collaborator), Christine Barrow (Collaborator), Andrew J. Grandage (Collaborator), Britt S. Aliperti (Collaborator), Brian N. Williams (Collaborator), Vanessa Cruz Nichols (Collaborator), Alana M. W. LeBron (Collaborator), Francisco I. Pedraza (Collaborator), Samuel L. Myers (Collaborator), Roland Zullo (Collaborator), Barry D. Friedman (Collaborator), Maria J. Albo (Collaborator), Sharlene Graham Boltz (Collaborator), Jared Ellison (Collaborator), Benjamin Steiner (Collaborator), Edward Dillon (Collaborator), Seong C. Kang (Collaborator), Juan E. Gilbert (Collaborator), Julian Brinkley (Collaborator), Dekita Moon (Collaborator), Lauren Edwards (Collaborator), Ian Klein (Collaborator), Mario A. Rivera (Collaborator)
Publication date
December 27, 2017
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