Talking Sense about Politics

by Jack Meacham (Author)

Do you avoid talking about politics with family and friends? Are you concerned that political polarization is blocking discussion of realistic solutions for America's problems?

Talking Sense about Politics cuts through the noise of false and misleading contrasts of left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative, or identity politics, and explains how American politics is better understood from four perspectives. Readers discover—

  • How we talk about issues in American society, not changing our political institutions, is the remedy for political polarization.

  • Four fundamental, impartial perspectives—Loyal, Tactful, Detached, and Caring—underlie how we respond to political issues.

  • Immigration, inequality, foreign policy, climate change, gun control, religious freedom and other controversial issues are better understood from the four perspectives.

Talking Sense about Politics encourages thoughtful Americans to engage in productive conversations, argue openly and convincingly for what they believe, and speak creatively and constructively about the challenges of America's future.

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December 12, 2017
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