The Worry Jar

by Michelle M White (Author), Morgan McCune (Illustrator)

What if all you had to do was give your worries to The Worry Jar ™ and you could work through anything? In this book, Michelle teaches our youngest children a strategy to handle their fear, insecurity, and anxiety. The fun loving character, The Worry Jar, will encourage them while using fun, repetitive words as a reminder the worry is in the jar. When you write down your worry and put it in The Worry Jar ™, you don’t have to think about it. However, when the worry pops back into your head, say the words “Worries, worries in the jar, I can!”

The Worry Jar is quickly becoming a popular read with parents and teachers. Michelle has a PhD in Education and has taught for 20 years at both the elementary and college levels. She has successfully used worry jars with children and adults. The first worry jar was given to a boy named Aaron in Dr. White's class in 2000. He successfully implemented it into his routine. In 2001, Dr. White was in an accident leaving her paralyzed from the chest down. Aaron knew he could help his teacher by sending her a special worry jar to use while she started her long road to recovery.

Other books by Michelle include New Opportunities, Scubability, and award winning, Go Away Worries! Put Then in The Worry Jar.

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Publication date
July 06, 2017
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