The Imbible

by Micah LeMon (Author)

Micah LeMon had one slight problem when he started bartending nearly
twenty years ago: he had no idea what he was doing. Mixology, he came to understand, is based on
principles that are indispensable but not widely known. In The Imbible, LeMon
shares the knowledge he has gained over two decades, so that even beginning bartenders can
execute classic cocktails--and riff on those classics to create originals of their

A good cocktail is never a random concoction. LeMon introduces readers
to the principal components of every drink--spirit, sweet, and sour or bitter--and explains the
role each plays in bringing balance to a beverage. Choosing two archetypes--the shaken Daiquiri
and the stirred Manhattan—he shows how bartenders craft delicious variations by beginning with a
good foundation and creatively substituting like ingredients.

illustrated in color and laid out in an inviting and practical way, The
also provides a thorough overview of the bartender’s essential tools and
techniques and includes recipes for over forty drinks--from well executed classics to original
creations exclusive to this book. Both a lesson for beginners and a master class for more
experienced bartenders, LeMon’s book opens the door to endless variations without losing
sight of the true goal--to make a delicious cocktail.

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Tom McGovern (Other contributor)
Publication Date
October 10, 2017
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